AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags , AP-VSR2806-2R1

Model: AP-VSR2806-2R1
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[Food Safe Material] – These vacuum seal bag rolls are made of High-Quality Material and do not contain BPA; they are durable and food-grade safe. 
[Keep Foods Fresh] – Designed to keep your foods, fruits, and vegetables fresh for up to 6-times longer.
[Cross Air Venting Technology] – Innovative design ensures efficient air removal from vacuum sealer bag rolls, maximising freshness and preventing spoilage.
[Boil & Microwave Safe] – These rolls are safe for use in boiling water and microwaves, providing versatile food preparation and storage options.
[Easy To Use] – These bag rolls are incredibly easy to use. Just place your food inside, seal it with a vacuum sealer, and you're done.
[Custom-Sized Bag Rolls] – With a generous length of 6 meters and no fixed size, you can customise the bags to fit your needs perfectly. No need to waste time and money on pre-cut bags.
[Compatibility] – Works with Most Vacuum Sealers Machines, ensuring versatility and ease of use.
[High Sealing Performance] – Auspure Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls feature advanced sealing technology to ensure a complete and airtight seal every time. By removing air with a vacuum sealer, these bag rolls effectively keep out moisture, air, and bacteria, extending the shelf life of your food.
[Packaging] – Includes 2 Rolls, each roll is 28cm Wide and 6m Long, providing the perfect size for sealing and storing various food items, keeping them fresh for extended periods.
[100% Australian Owned & Lifetime Support] – Proudly Australian-owned and operated with assured quality, and lifetime helpful customer support services.


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