AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags, AP-VSR2806-3R1

Model: AP-VSR2806-3R1
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Elevate your food storage solutions with AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls. These rolls are designed for superior performance and convenience, making them ideal for meal prep, sous vide cooking, and long-term food storage.


Key Features:

Food Safe Material: Made from high-quality, BPA-free material, ensuring your food stays safe and fresh.

Extended Freshness: Keeps your foods, fruits, and vegetables fresh for up to 6 times longer.

Cross Air Venting Technology: Innovative design ensures efficient air removal, maximising freshness and preventing spoilage.

Boil & Microwave Safe: Safe for use in boiling water and microwaves, providing versatile food preparation options.

Easy To Use: Simply place your food inside the bag, seal it with a vacuum sealer, and you're done.

Custom-Sized Bag Rolls: Each roll is 6 meters long, allowing you to cut bags to the perfect size for your needs, reducing waste.

Compatibility: Works with most vacuum sealer machines, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

High Sealing Performance: Advanced sealing technology ensures a complete and airtight seal every time, keeping out moisture, air, and bacteria.

Packaging: Includes 3 rolls, each 28cm wide and 6m long, providing ample storage capacity.

100% Australian Owned & Lifetime Support: Proudly Australian-owned and operated, offering assured quality and lifetime helpful customer support.



Meal Prep Made Easy: Perfect for prepping meals in advance and keeping them fresh.

Sous Vide Ready: Ideal for sous vide cooking, ensuring your food is perfectly cooked.

Versatile Use: Great for sealing and storing various food items, from fruits and vegetables to leftovers and bulk purchases.

Convenient and Cost-Effective: Custom-sized bags reduce waste and save money on pre-cut bags.


Why Choose AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls:

AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls offer reliable and high-quality food storage solutions. With their durable construction and advanced sealing technology, these rolls keep your food fresh for longer. They are also safe for boiling water and microwaves, making them versatile for various cooking methods.


Upgrade food preservation with AUSPURE Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls and enjoy fresh, long-lasting food.


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